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Proudly Servicing Chicago with Managed I.T. Services since 1990.


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Wifi Business including: Hotel WiFi  Restaurant Wifi Motel Wifi Tradeshow Large Area Roaming We have a large variety of Routers and Access Points

Active Surveillance systems are now a standard business system. We supply Web accesible surveillance camera systems that may be accessed and recorded both on site and at remote locations. IP Cameras indoor, outdoor and hidden. We will configure your router so your can see your cameras on any web connected device, See Your Stuff and stop worrying. More info at

Surveillance Camera Systems

Retail, wholesale and manufacturers have specialized equipment as well as all of the standard business office requirements.

We sell and support Retail POS Systems. We support various wholesale software solutions and specialized label printing and inventory control software

Web Sites for any business and your corresponding Social Media. We will initiate web marketing using Google Adwords, yahoo/Bing Adsense

Does Your Small Business need an I.T. Consultant. Computer Solutions can be you I.T. Consultant resource. We provide businesses  I.T. Support including: Office PC networking, PC Repair, Virus Removal and protection. Microsoft Office and Quickbooks support. All standard business software and hardware support.

​WIFI and wifi hotspots for your business 

VOIP - Modern Telephone systems (telephony)

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