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Cisco and Polycom Phones
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In order to help your business achieve its mission we use common sense technology from vendors and service providers with proven track records.

The office technology we provide spans the following technical arenas:

1. Computers (Windows and MAC) with standard office software. inc. Microsoft Office

2. Email and business communication most often using Microsoft Outlook

3. Accounting Software install and support most often Quickbooks or Sage Peachtree Accounting

4. Web Based Accounting Systems that allow staff or management access to accounting info while on the go.

5. Support for vertical market software that special for your industry.

6. Microsoft Server Installation, setup and support. Active directory maintenance.

7. Router configuration, including VPN setup, DMZ and port forwarding allowing access by authorized user from outside the office. Also specialized routers that can support 2 internet providers so that your office internet is always 100% up and running.

Office Information Technology