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E-Waste Recycling

We will provide the planning, logistics, and manpower to efficiently remove any unneeded or surplus equipment and will arrange all shipping and tracking services. 
Digital Shredder on or off site
Hard Drive Destruction on or off site
Tape and Hard Drive Degaussing
NSA  and DOD compliant

Complete destruction services, so your company is confident that equipment such as proprietary chips, circuit boards, servers and proprietary electronic equipment will not be available to the general public. 
Or we partner with local companies that supplement our capacity with:

Shredders, choppers, furnaces, and other machines to process and destroy proprietary and security sensitive data management equipment. The technique used first is shredding and then refining/smelting, completely destroying the integrity of the original product. 

We provide a Certificate of Destruction and an affidavit of destruction letter. The certification states that all items and equipment received for destruction were destroyed in compliance with Federal, State, County and Local regulations.

Asset Disposition Inventory Audit Report - Assets received for disposal are identified and reconciled back to your asset management team.