0 mission statement
1  are we going to use your existing godaddy account
2  Business name
3  Domain Name ?
4  Email Adresses
5  Mission Statement
6  profit / non profit
7  logo
8  images for site - i will find
9  products
10 services
11 story about us
12 embedded apps   internal use
13 external useType your paragraph here.

Types of content for your website

All website pages shoud have a focus on text content. Use photos and video to enhance the text content.



About you (the owner) and/or the company

Case studies


Frequently Asked Questions

Blog posts


Mission Statement

#1 – Domain Name

#2 – Business Email Address

#3 – Website Building Software

#4 – Website Hosting

#5 – Website Template Design

#6 – Logo Design

#7 – High-Quality Images for Website

#8 – Image Editors#9 – Google Analytics

Non Profit

Embedded Apps


record keeping

encounters for government or funders



Desktop Site with up to 5 pages

Mobile Site - mirrors your desktop site but formatted for phones and/or tablets

Google Map with directions to your business

Your Facebook and / or Twitter feed positioned on your site for current events and updates

Click to call on your mobile site

Paypal button so customers can pay you

(you must set up your own Paypal account)

Our Consulting will also include:

Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Paid Web Marketing with Facebook and Google Adwords so you can market to thousands targeted

Your first Facebook Advertisement

Your first Google Adwords Advertisement